Maybe you remember something I wrote a few months ago about 5 things I wish I had known before I moved my family to Twin Falls. Now that we've been here more than a year, I wanted to share a few new things I've learned about this city and area.

Since I'm another year older and wiser (well, maybe I'm just older), I feel like there are some perceptions I have that have changed significantly since my first impressions. I think some (perhaps fairly) thought my initial thoughts were kinda harsh. I was being honest, but feel a reassessment is in order now that we've been here a while.

5. People in Idaho couldn't care less about other people's opinions

Believe it or not, I mean this as a complete positive. I don't think I've come in contact with one Idaho person who gives a you-know-what about what people in the other part of the country think about an issue. They despise political correctness and do not change their viewpoint based on which way the wind is blowing that day. Idaho people have convictions (both conservative and liberal) and don't care what you think about it. I love that.

4. Idaho people don't know what a real thunderstorm is

Considering how nuts our winter has been, this one sounds crazy. But, you seriously do not understand what a real thunderstorm is. I have seen people run for their basements in a panic when a single hail pellet falls on their roof. I grew up in the middle of the Midwest and trust me when I tell you that I've seen thunderstorms that would level half the homes in this area. It's not your fault, cause maybe you don't know any different. But, be thankful that you never have a F3 twister go down main street. You don't want that experience. I delivered warm meals with the Salvation Army for a week in my hometown when everyone was without power and, in some cases, had trees on their homes.

3. Twin Falls doesn't know how good it has it

I also mean this as a compliment, although I realize that many will not take it that way. But, I've heard more whining in Twin Falls about this and that when the reality is that this is a good town especially when compared to many other parts of the country. I fully recognize that there are serious issues that many people care about intensely. But, I've lived in parts of this country where criminals run up and down city streets with weapons showing. Last time I checked, that doesn't happen very often here. The fact that this type of event is big news here should tell you something good. I've lived where the news about a dead body being found would bring the following response: "Where did they find one this time?"

2. Blue Lakes really is the worst street/avenue/boulevard in the history of ever

When I first arrived in Twin, I thought Blue Lakes was annoying, but cute. Oh sure, it was busy. But, it's not that bad, right? After one year, yes it's that bad and worse. There is rarely a day that I drive down Blue Lakes where I don't see an almost-accident or an actual accident. Saw another over this past weekend. Just be glad that I'm not sharing my theory about Blue Lakes being an actual point of entrance to the pit of Hell - yet.

1. It won't happen immediately, but eventually some of the residents of Twin will treat you better than your own family

When my family first landed in town, we had many people treat us as outsiders. Driving around Twin with out-of-state plates was not a fun experience as we saw more than a few creative hand signals directed our way. I learned quickly that while there are some people in this area that are as mean as snakes, there are way more folks that are so nice they make other nice people seem mean. (By the way, since you've read this far, I definitely consider you part of the really nice crowd, since the mean as snakes people would have baled on me long ago)

It's been a difficult year of transition for my family, but we are grateful for our blessings here. I have a wife and 4 kids that are living in a brand new place and that makes the kind gestures by the many so appreciated. For those mean-as-snakes folks, you should cut new folks a break. No, my family did not come here to "change you" or "make Idaho like California". We're not from California, but I do have many friends there, so watch what you say. We're just doing what you're doing and that's living our life and trying not to hurt anyone in the process.

Thanks for allowing us a year in your lovely part of Idaho.

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