We realize that there are some real negative things that have been in the news lately about Twin Falls and the Magic Valley region. But, guess what? We're super happy people. In fact, we're so freaking happy about living in Twin Falls we have to tie our legs to the ground to keep from flying off into space. That's why we feel compelled to share 5 reasons why we are super happy in Twin Falls.

5. We have the Perrine Bridge and they don't.

Other towns can try and mock us, but what bridges do they have? That's right. Boring little metal and concrete things that people drive over. BORING. We drive over and jump off ours, so there.

4. Shoshone Falls rocks even when it doesn't have water.

Say what you want about Twin, but we have Shoshone Falls practically at our back door. But, it doesn't have much water right now you say? OK, fine. Show us your over 200 foot waterfalls. Still waiting...

3. Our history rocks.

Evel Knievel could've picked anywhere along the Snake River to try and jump the canyon. But, he picked Twin Falls. Lewiston? Nope. Idaho Falls. Sorry, wrong answer. Oh, and if you have irrigation in southern Idaho, thank Mr. Perrine, one of the founders of Twin Falls.

2. Twin Falls is growing.

When you hear stories of meth heads and other crime in the area, that sucks. But, those problems are everywhere, not just in Twin. Since the year 2000, the Magic Valley area has grown by almost 30%. People WANT to come here for a reason.

1. We're not in Oregon, Washington or Utah.

Don't misunderstand. We appreciate our neighbors, but that doesn't mean we would want to be them. There's a reason why there was such joy when Oregon announced they were raising their speed limit a couple weeks ago. And, we sure love the Seahawks, so thanks for that, Washington. By the way, when is the next volcano erupting? And, then there's Utah. Feel free to insert your own joke here. Reminds me of my favorite Utah t-shirt.

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