I have the world's best mother-in-law. She is the absolute best person I know who is a mother-in-law. From what I hear, there are some guys whose mother-in-law is a problem. If that's the case, they should bring their mother-in-law to Twin Falls since we are the world's capital for scaring the crud out of people. Here are some of our favorites.

Take her rattlesnake hunting at Cauldron Linn while wearing mouse slippers

What mother-in-law wouldn't love to hear the sound of a rattler while looking at all the pretty sights at Cauldron Linn. Oh, and tell her not to be concerned about the mouse slippers. Rattlesnakes don't like mice at all, or so we've been told.

Paraglide off the South Hills with a chute that has a fake hole in it

This works best if you don't let her see the chute first. Take off, then try to explain the hole in the chute while you're a hundred feet up.

Turn left onto Blue Lakes Boulevard at 5:10 pm on a Friday with a broken left turn signal

Google Maps Street View
Google Maps Street View

This is a great gift idea if your mother-in-law loves the sound of car horns. Every one in Twin loves being behind someone attempting this traffic feat on a Friday.

Take her to the Twin Falls County Fair while wearing a t-shirt that says "I hate redneck trucks"

This is a safe one, cause there are never any redneck trucks or people that love them at the Twin Falls County Fair. (*sarcasm*)

Take her BASE jumping at the Perrine and right after she jumps, yell "Forgot your parachute!"

You're kidding, of course. You didn't forget her parachute, did you?

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