Living near the Snake River in southern Idaho means great hiking, water activities, and mind-blowing sunsets. Sunsets are one of those things we as humans take for granted.

It's hard to beat a good sunset. I have a family friend who owns a home on some farmland in Twin Falls, and the sunsets are one of the reasons we always say yes to barbeques at his place. Each one is different, and if you're with the right people, it makes it even better.

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I often see people paragliding over the Snake River in Twin Falls and think to myself, "Is there any better way to view a sunset?" I've been on the Perrine Bridge and on the water below and watched the sun disappear for the night, and you can't go wrong with either experience. Being in my kayak and watching the last moments of a day's sunshine is one of the things I love most about living in southern Idaho.

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Sunset near Centennial Park, Twin Falls; Greg Jannetta

I had the good fortune of getting married on the North Shore in Oahu in 2014 at sunset. That one still hasn't been topped to this day, and probably never will be. Southern Idaho sunsets are gorgeous. Hiking up to Balanced Rock near Castleford is also something I recommend everybody tries at sunset once in their life.

Do you have a favorite spot in southern Idaho where you enjoy watching the sun go down? Maybe, it's your back porch.

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