Idaho Fish and Game said that for a second time, they had to relocate a cow moose that was getting too close and too aggressive with people. Officers were able to tranquilize and relocate without incident.

According to Idaho Fish and Game, the cow moose had been seen around the Bellevue area for a few weeks. It started getting aggressive towards people putting itself and others in danger. The officers were able to tranquilize the cow moose, and that is when they found some more interesting information about her.

The cow moose had already been tagged, meaning, Idaho Fish and Game had already had to relocate the cow moose once already. According to the tag on the moose, it had been relocated after spending some time in the Heyburn area in 2016. That is pretty great because that means she is at least 8 years old. While moose can live 20 or so years in the wild, a more typical life span of a moose is 10 to 12 years. She is fairly old for a moose.

The first time she was tagged they moved her north of Fish Creek and she made her way into Bellevue. Well, she has taken another ride to Fish Creek and we will see where she goes from there.

Remember moose are large, powerful, aggressive creatures. Do not attempt to get close to one and always be on the lookout. Just last week a moose snuck up and attacked a man walking with his dog in Idaho.

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