A 9-year-old boy was recently pulled over by the California Highway Patrol after he reportedly attempted to get to school on his own. Police will not be charging the boy with failure to be responsible.

Children seem to find a way to get behind the wheel of automobiles more times than we might think. One California boy attempted to drive his mother's car to school Friday morning and was pulled over by police on the way, according to details shared by KTVU FOX.

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I remember my dad allowing me to sit on his lap while he drove his Corvette around the block a few times when I was about eight or nine. He used to leave his keys on the kitchen counter, but I never once recall being tempted to take the car for a spin myself, and certainly had I done that, school would not have been my chosen destination.

This story at least has a happy ending. The boy wasn't harmed, and nor did he harm anyone else. The fact he got the car as far as he did being as young as he is is pretty remarkable. I wonder what his school teacher thought about the news when he/she got wind.

Police will not be charging the boy with failure to be responsible.

The incident took place 70 miles north of Sacramento in the city of Oroville. This child is well on his way to acing his driver's test in about eight years.

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