This year marks the 90th anniversary of commercial (paid for by advertising) radio in the state of Idaho. A southern Idaho high school stage acted as headquarters for what many consider to be the Gem State's first fully operational radio station.

Boise High School was the birthplace of KFAU (also known as KFXD) in the early 1920s. A chemistry teacher named Harry Redeker is credited with being one of the first licensed station operators in the state.

With the country less than two years removed from World War I, Redeker's primary reason for creating the station was to train students in Morse code, according to Idaho's Broadcasting Foundation. He went onto leave the high school in 1927, and it would be one year later the station would make history.

 In 1928 the high school sold KFAU to Kiddo Phillips and Frank Hill, and it was renamed KIDO. The 5,000 watt station still operates out of Nampa, Idaho.


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