As if the New York (New Jersey) Giants didn’t need another curse this season!

The equipment manager failed to put away the Halloween gear.  The Cowboys/Giants Monday Night Football game had an interruption.  A black cat joined the action.  At first, the animal approached the players as the Giants were driving.  Then when the camera caught it near the 50-yard-line, the feline footballer reversed field.  It raced to an endzone and then couldn’t immediately find the exit.  Security, attempting to catch the animal, finally convinced the furry creature to head down a tunnel. 

Raccoons, foxes, dogs and cats are common visitors.

Animals aren’t exactly strangers around stadiums.  The structures are massive and allow plenty of space for shelter.  Raccoons, foxes, dogs and cats are common visitors.  It’s possible the black cat has a habit of wandering the stadium after hours.  The Giants don’t host many night games, although.  You would think the noise and lights would’ve been a signal it wasn’t a typical Monday evening.

The late Buddy Ryan had a tough guy exterior.  When he coached the Philadelphia Eagles he would feed the stray cats beneath some stadium seats.  Eventually, the Eagles no longer needed Buddy’s “services”.  As he was leaving the job one last time he scooped up one of the cats and took it home.

One of the more interesting animal videos in recent months showed a deer racing around a soccer pitch.  The players eventually managed to drive the deer away.

The Giants apparently never recovered after the black cat crossed the club’s path.  The Cowboys left with a victory.  You can see the video below:

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