One of the road trips I'm currently in the process of planning is to Arizona to see the Grand Canyon. I was researching the world-famous skywalk that was constructed in the state in 2003 and thought something similar in Twin Falls would be incredible.

It's been an eternity since I last saw the Grand Canyon. I believe I was in kindergarten when my mother packed up our Volkswagon Westfalia and took my brother and me. I have a six-year-old son myself now, and the canyon is calling.

The popular translucent walkway gives visitors a 4,000-foot glance at the canyon floor below and takes a certain amount of courage to walk. Portions of the Snake River Canyon in southern Idaho remind me of the Grand Canyon, as many of the cliffs are sheer and ideal for such a walkway. The skywalk also extends 70-feet out over the canyon cliff.

At around $20 a ticket to stroll the Grand Canyon Skywalk, it would be quite the money-maker for the city of Twin Falls as well. A bird's eye view of the boaters and kayakers from above the river would be pretty amazing too.

The Arizona model cost $30 million to construct, so maybe a smaller scale one in Twin Falls would be more realistic. While many residents wouldn't be very welcoming to the increase in tourist traffic, the city already draws thousands of visitors a year to Shoshone Falls and the Perrine Bridge.

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