Thanks to the combination of steadfast bell ringing and conveniently placed toy bins, it's easier than ever in December to donate to a great local cause.

Toys for Tots is a program headed by The U.S. Marine Corps Reserve that has been assisting low-income families for decades. Dozens of collection bins can be found in area stores throughout the county, where customers have the choice of safely donating new, unwrapped toys.

While stopping off at a major Blue Lakes Boulevard chain store this past Saturday to further deplete their aisle of discounted "Nightmare Before Christmas" items, I struck up a conversation with the manager. He told me how he was surprised at the increase in donations of toys by area residents from 2016, and apparently the giving wasn't isolated to just the one store's location.

Now, while I'm not absolutely sure that Toys for Tots donations are up in the region as a whole, I can say that from what I gathered, there is some evidence to suggest it. I witnessed three people donate in the short period of time I was sorting through plush Jack Skellington Christmas dolls, searching for that perfect one.

So, the word is, is that we are crushing it right now as far as donations go. Generosity is currently trending in Twin Falls. I just thought I should let you know.

And for those of you--like my father--who develop a severe case of holiday agoraphobia every December, information on how to donate to Toys for Tots without leaving the safety of your own recliner, is easily attainable at the program's Idaho site.

Happy giving!





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