Perhaps the next challenge for local hospitals will be young heart attack victims.  I would wager that if you drove to the marijuana dispensary in Jackpot, Nevada, you would primarily see license plates from Twin Falls County.  This is based on evidence from a trip I made a couple of summers ago to a dispensary in Ontario, Oregon.  Of the 40 cars I counted in the parking lot, 36 were from Idaho, one from Canada, and three from Oregon.

Weed is Very Potent

Why does this matter?  You may have heard people telling you this isn’t your parents’ pot.  What’s being sold legally in several states is much more potent.

The users deny any harm or they deflect and say, “Alcohol and cigarettes are much worse!”  That’s a bit like saying dying by falling over a cliff isn’t as bad as falling off a bridge or being crushed by a large rock.

Periodically, I will come across a story about the health impact of marijuana use.  The body of literature is growing, along with the legal sales.  The news isn’t good.  Click here to read some details from a medical journal about cardiac issues.  It appears there’s a startling uptick in heart attacks and heart trouble among young dope smokers.  This isn’t the first such research I’ve read over the last few years.

Serious Health Threat

Marijuana is bad for you!  You can make excuses and point fingers and call people names.  It doesn’t change the “science”.  Liberals like to tell me we can’t deny rigorous science until it threatens one of their religious sacraments.  Then all heck breaks loose and they start screaming, “Reefer Madness!”  Be careful, angry responses can also trigger health warnings.

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