The American Cancer Society is projecting several thousand new cases of cancer statewide for 2018.

According to the ACS's cancer statistics center for the state of Idaho, more than 8,400 new cases will be diagnosed by year's end. Breast cancer (female) leads all types, with close to 1,100 new cases expected, followed by lung and prostate.

It's estimated that more than 3,000 Idahoans will succumb to the disease in 2018, with other prevalent types being colorectal, melanoma and bladder. Lung and bronchus cancer is expected to claim more lives than all other forms, with close to 700 deaths projected.

Nationwide, more than 1.7 million new cases are expected, resulting in approximately 600,000 deaths, according to society findings. In 2017, an ACS report projected 7,310 new cases, which means cancer deaths are expected to increase by more than 1,000 cases in 2018.


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