With no more snow forecast in Twin Falls until New Years Day, that frozen ice that has now become a dripping, watery mess by your front door, will come crashing down in the next couple days in the form of pointed, frigid, dagger-like missiles.

Following a series of brief, less-than-mighty, holiday storm systems that have lowered Twin Falls temperatures and yielded just enough snow to bury walkways and coat lawns, I've discovered our home is currently being protected by dozens of gnarly-looking icicles.

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Greg Jannetta

It's between these cool weather systems that we find the need to watch ourselves when coming and going from our homes and places of business. We have a rather frightening row of icicles lining the rain gutter right above our front porch. I headed out to clear them with my snow shovel this weekend, but was convinced not to by my wife, because she enjoys looking at them. Forget about the unlucky few that are killed globally by these things, if it glistens in the sun and looks cool, it's worth the risk.

It's estimated that 15 people in the United States are killed by icicles every year, and in Russia, that number rings in around 100. So, while the odds are incredibly low that one of these frozen objects will pierce your jugular while throwing melt on your walkway, you should still make a habit of monitoring the icicles clinging to your home.

Be careful Twin Falls. Death by icicle is very preventable.


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