With Advanced WarfareDestinyHearthstone, World of Warcraft: Warlords of DraenorSkylanders: Trap Team and other hit games in 2014, we shouldn't really be surprised Activision made $4 billion for the year.

Polygon reports that Activision did quite well in 2014, generating a whopping $4 billion for the year just from its video game sales.  Three out of the five best-selling games of the year were Activision titles: Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Destiny and Skylanders: Trap Team. If Hearthstone wasn't a free-to-play game, it probably would have also made the list as well. Hearthstone's indirect profit (premium content, ad revenue, etc.) combined with Destiny's massive sales added up to over $850 million in profit for Activision, which is staggering for two new IPs (we know - it's debatable to call Hearthstone a new IP).

In terms of player numbers, Destiny, which only came out about five months ago, already has 16 million registered users that "are playing the game an average of over three hours per day," according to Activision. As far as other numbers go, Hearthstone has 25 million registered players, Heroes of the Storm's beta has 9 million players and World of Warcraft is back over 10 million subscribers, which it hasn't done in a long time (thanks for being lame, Pandaria).

With a holiday quarter that brought in $1.5 billion and a year that brought in $4.4 billion, it's safe to say that Activision knows what's up. Now, we'll just have to wait and see if it beats those numbers next year. Since a lot of 2014's profits came from Destiny's debut and a new World of Warcraft expansion, we have a feeling Activision might not break the $4.4 billion barrier in 2015.

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