TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-The latest numbers on the number of fatal crashes on Idaho roads show that most were due to aggressive driving. According to the Idaho Office of Highway Safety, part of the Idaho Transportation Department, preliminary reports indicate there were a total of 271 fatalities in 2021, more than any year since 2005. In 2020, 2014 died on Idaho roads. Of the 2021 fatalities, the Office of Highway Safety said aggressive driving accounted for 80 incidents; it lists speeding, failure to yield, following too close as aggressive driving. Data shows that 75 deaths were caused by impaired driving, involving alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Another 75 people were killed because they didn't have a seat belt on. Distracted and inattentive driving only accounted for 26 deaths on Idaho roads last year. Another 20 people were killed in motorcycle crashes and hadn't been wearing helmets. Idaho Office of Highway Safety said the data is still being sorted through and some of it could change by the time the final report is issued.

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