When I first moved here it took some getting used to with all the different transportation laws. I had never driven in snow, I had never lived in an area with so much outdoor recreation so I had to look some laws up. Here are some common questions Idaho Transportation Patrol Officers get and the answers.

According to the Idaho State Patrol website, some Idaho transportation questions are asked more than others. Here are some of them.

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    What is Idaho's helmet law?

    If you have kids or ride a motorcycle you probably know this one already, but just in case you didn't; Idaho does not have a helmet law except for people under the age of 18 if driving or riding as a passenger. This includes motorcycles, ATVs, side by sides, etc. Police tend to bust teens for helmet laws while four wheeling in the South Hills and wilderness.

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    Are studded snow tires required

    So I didn't know there was a time frame where studded snow tires were allowed and not allowed. Studded snow tires are only legal from October 1st through April 30th. That is a good indication how long winter can last around here though.

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    Is it legal for people to ride in a camp trailer being pulled by a truck?

    So this is something I had no idea. If you are pulling a 5th wheel trailer or a camp trailer with your truck, there is no law in Idaho that prohibits family members or people for riding in the camp trailer. Now, that being said, Idaho State Police does not recommend it because it is incredibly unsafe. Just not illegal.

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    Can kids ride in the back of a pick up truck

    Kids can in fact ride in the back of a pick up truck. There are no laws prohibiting this. Dogs can also ride in the back of a pick up truck without being harnesses or in a cage.

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    Hitchhiking legal in Idaho?

    Actually, it is not legal to hitchhike in Idaho. Idaho code stated pedestrians can not stand on a highway to solicit a ride. So maybe if the person is on a side street that isn't a highway they can. I am not positive on this one.

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