A former native of Idaho and Montana resident has been fined $9.9 million for allegedly producing thousands of recorded phone messages over the span of the past three years. The individual who received the fine has alleged ties to a white supremacy group.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has fined a 51-year-old Montana resident more than $9 million for his roll in allegedly producing, and sending, more than 30,000 messages over the telephone to residents in multiple states, according to details shared at msn.com. The calls, in which nearly 5,000 were distributed between May and December of 2018 alone, were deemed "unlawful" and threatening, according to msnnews.com.

The alleged Nazi sympathizer, Scott Rhodes, who grew up in northern Idaho reportedly left pre-recorded messages saying things like "traitorous Jew," on U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein's voice mail, according to msn.com. The original fine handed down totaled more than $12 million, but was reduced.

In total, the states of Montana and Idaho are home to close to 10 such "hate groups," according to data shared by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Some of the groups listed by the website as having hubs throughout Montana and Idaho communities include Our Place Fellowship, Last Chance Patriots, Act For America and The American Identity Movement.

Aside from private citizens, it's alleged Rhodes left threatening messages for state city council members as well, according to msn.com. Rhodes has until the end of February, 2021, to pay the fines, before the Department of Justice becomes involved, according to msn.com.

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