A cyclist that was struck by an automobile in southwest Idaho has been ordered to pay a fine for breaking a traffic law.

In a case that even the residing judge described as being a first in his professional career, 43-year-old cyclist Elizabeth Hilton was fined $90 for her roll in a July vehicle versus cyclist accident that left her with a broken ankle. According to a details provided by ktvb.com, Ada County Judge Theodore Tollefson found Hilton guilty of ignoring traffic laws and illegally entering an intersection.

Hilton was struck by a male motorist on July 19, 2019, at an Emerald Street and Americana Boulevard intersection, after she came upon a red light, stopped briefly, and allegedly attempted to beat oncoming traffic. There were conflicting views as to whether or not Hilton was in a bike lane or in the intersection, due to reports from multiple witnesses.

Idaho cycling laws state that movement must cease at a red light, regardless of whether or not a break in traffic would allow for safe passage across an intersection. Failing to yield for the sufficient amount of time until the light turned from red to green appears to have been the reason the fine was handed down to Hilton.

The cyclist required multiple surgeries to her injured leg. A fundraising site was established to assist Hilton with medical bills.

Idaho Code 49-720 also played into the case, since rules differ for bicyclists. The law states that anyone operating a "human-powered vehicle," can proceed with caution after slowing at an intersection where traffic is stopped.

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