There is new technology that will change everything. It's potentially a transportation system that exceeds 200 MPH and there's a new video of it that will make you want it in Idaho now.

It's called the WARR Hyperloop. Elon Musk recently shared this video on Instagram. As they test this system, they have now achieved speeds that exceed 200 MPH. That would mean the following for Idaho.

  • Twin Falls to Stanley would take 45 minutes
  • Jerome to Boise would take 35 minutes
  • Burley to Salt Lake City would take 1 hour
  • Complete length of Blue Lakes would take 3 seconds

That last one is worth whatever it would cost to implement the Hyperloop in Twin.

The hyperloop isn't without its risks. What about an accident while going 200 MPH in a vacuum-less tube? Ouch. What if a terrorist attacked it with hundreds of rabid mice? Messy.

If nothing else, follow that Elon Musk guy on Instagram. He's rich and makes rockets and stuff. The fact that I use the phrase "and stuff" really often probably means I'll never be rich. Darn it.

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