You have to wonder about our Idaho neighbors to the north. We already knew they were a peculiar sort, and now we have video proof that many need to stay in school a lot longer than they obviously do.

As soon as I saw the video entitled "Petting wild deer", I knew that I was in for a treat. As I watched this drama play itself out, I kept hoping that a buck would come flying out of nowhere and give this guy the jolt of his life. Unfortunately, that never happens. It's just a guy in a red shirt doing what the video says - trying to pet deer.

Even without looking this up, I knew this was a bad idea and also not funny. Idaho Fish and Game has about a bazillion reasons why feeding (and petting) deer is a very bad idea.

Please, do not feed the deer. They have many amazing adaptations for surviving winter without our help and have done so for as long as deer have lived in Idaho. You will help the deer more by not feeding them, than by providing them with handouts.

I have no idea where this genius was trying to feed Bambi, but if it's in a rural area, it could cause deer to seek out this feeding ground and risk high speed collisions near roadways. If it's near a city, even worse. It can bring deer in contact with dogs who will chase deer and can cause them to jump through glass into homes or any number of disaster scenarios.

One other thing. You could catch a vicious deer disease. That would be a hard one to explain to the emergency room doctor. Bottom line: let deer be deer and leave them alone.

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