Finally we’re at the last leg of the quarterfinals where this week the nation will determine who will stay and who will go home in ‘America’s Got Talent.’ 

The overly dramatic music kicks in as Nick Cannon comes out and introduces us to the judges, running us through the typical rules that we hear during every show. Since we’re on the last leg of this portion of the show we just want them to breeze through the contestant performances so we can see how people step it up in the semifinals. But for now, we’ll make fine with this last portion.

The first act is David “The Bullet” Smith, our human cannonball. He’s going to attempt a forty yard field goal, and who’s going to be the football? Himself of course. The cheerleaders are out in full force as they entertain the crowd, really putting some sparkle into the act. Decked out in football protective gear, David slips into the cannon. In seconds he bolts out and clears the football goal line. He’s all right and the judges think that he is too. Though we’re not sure if a line of alligators on fire would be the right choice to mix things up for his act, Sharon.

Next up on stage is All That!, the manly clogging group that’s managed to make it this far. They show that you can still be sharply dressed while clogging at the same time. While we do think that their clogging routine is rather cute, they feel like a side act or an opening act for an even bigger talent performing later on. And we’re not sure we agree with Sharon’s suggestion, making this group into a clogging version of ‘Magic Mike.’ 0 for 2 so far Sharon.

What time is it? Ulysees time, but we’re not sure how this is going to turn out. He was already an act that barely made it even through the first round. Who’s to say? He might impress us all. Nope, he doesn’t at all. No matter how much background help he has on stage, it doesn’t disguise his lackluster voice. We agree with Howard Stern in saying that this wasn’t fair to the other acts that Ulysees went as far as he can.

Joe Castillo is up next. If the name isn’t familiar then his sand art certainly is. He tells stories through the sand which ties in with the music that’s blasting over the speakers. In some ways he’s one of the very few true artists out there, pulling out a cool performance that has a strong message about the human’s effect on the animals of the world. All of the judges are blown away on what he managed to do.

Up next is Sebastien “El Charro de Oro,” the really spectacular Mariachi singer who’s only ten years old. He does a really great performance on a sweet love song, even adding the final touch of throwing a rose at Sharon once the song was over with. He’s got a really powerful voice so between that and his shining personality, it wouldn’t be surprising if we saw Sebastien make it all the way through.

Eric Dittelman, the supposed psychic, is looking to really impress others by using Howie as a target of sorts. He mimics the ‘Deal or No Deal’ kind of layout, bringing as many beautiful girls to the stage and using a way of trickery in order to show off his “talent.” We’re still not sure how to feel about his “psychic” powers, and still remain skeptical, but the judges love him.

William Close is the man who created his own musical instrument and amazed people by doing so. Between most of the acts that have performed tonight his variety of unique instruments and performers on the stage make this act feel like the biggest, Vegas-like piece of them all. The judges are just as convinced as we are that this guy is Vegas material.

We’re on one of our last dance groups, Unity in Motion. They pull off a number of acrobatic tricks and moves which may prove to be bad for another contestant coming up later on tonight. They do a fine job but we’re not sure if they’ll be able to make it to the next stage.

Here’s Eric & Olivia, a really cute duet who didn’t come out of the last round too strong. They go ahead and perform another cool rendition of a pop sound, but none of the judges are really convinced that they have what it takes to make it into the semifinals. A lot of the audience disagrees but we’ll just see tomorrow if they’re able to move forward.

And now here’s our last acrobat performer of the night, Lindsey Norton. Her crazy fast acrobatic movements are great and she’s a sweet soul, but it’s up to America to determine if she’ll make it through. The judges like her, but you can see their hesitation to tell her that there’s still a fair chance that she can’t make it.

Men, you won’t really like this next act. We bring you Horse, the man who’s the self-proclaimed “king of the nut shots.” He says that he’s ready to go “balls out.” Where he isn’t going to actually reveal his nether regions, he entertains the crowd with a 1960s ‘Batman’ style show which obviously includes a variety of hits to his balls. What still amazes us is that the judges love the hell out of this guy’s act.

Last is the super adorable Olate Dogs, a group of rescue dogs who’ve turned into the cuddliest performers to ever grace the stage. There’s been acts like this done before, but it’s still super cute to see dogs doing all sorts of little tricks, go down slides and walk on their hind legs. We want to hug all the doggies.

Tomorrow we figure out which of these acts will be sent home in the results episode of ‘America’s Got Talent.’

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