You can’t accuse Kiss of not being savvy self-promoters. The legendary hard rockers, whose image graces everything from caskets to condoms to toilet paper, have announced they will reveal the cover art to the upcoming album ‘Monster’ via a scavenger hunt online.

Kiss have partnered with some popular online destinations (we’re trying not to let our feelings be hurt) to reveal a small fragment of the overall cover art each day, beginning today (July 24) at and running through July 30. The musicians will reveal the final missing piece on the official Kiss website. Fans can collect each cover piece as it emerges by accessing an app at the Kiss Facebook page.

“We wanted to offer fans a fun way to search and engage with the album art,” Kiss bassist and singer Gene Simmons tells Mashable. “We’re excited that so many great partners jumped at the chance to work with us on this. The Hunt for ‘Monster’ is on!”

Kiss released the album’s first single,’Hell or Hallelujah,’ on July 2. ‘Monster’ is slated for release in October. Kiss are currently on tour with Motley Crue.

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