A woman ahead of me had four cartons of eggs.  I was shopping after work Wednesday and asked if there was a sale.  She and the cashier both replied the eggs were selling for $3.40 a carton.  The woman started loading the cartons in her cart and told me you can expect to pay 6 dollars a dozen at most of our other local stores.  I didn’t know the current cost of eggs.  Friends have been giving me eggs from their hen houses for several months.  I’ve been immune to the pain, at least when it comes to making omelets.

The last time I actually bought eggs on my own, I paid $1.89 for a dozen.  I guess that was a long time ago!

This link explains 7 in 10 Americans are struggling to afford groceries, which tells us it’s no longer only the poor.  I’ve said it before, I buy meat and poultry when marked down.  Then I go home and freeze the package or cook the contents and then pop the food into the freezer.  I buy bread on the day-old rack.

We were told inflation slowed in October but the measurement is year over year.  A comparison to last October.  Even slowing doesn’t mean the plague on prices is low.  Costs are still well above historical averages.  The Consumer Price Index for November will be released on the 13th and give us a better picture of where we’re going over the long term.  Since Joe Biden was elected, overall prices are roughly 14 percent above where they were in January 2020.

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