I’ve been reading about a nationwide shortage of turkeys.  My own eyes tell me it’s not an issue in southern Idaho.  The birds may be pricey but I see a lot of them in freezers.  Still, one man who owns a grocery chain is predicting some unhappy holidays are ahead.  John Catsimatidis made an appearance on Varney and Company on the Fox Business Network.  He owns grocery stores, and convenience stores and hosts a radio show.  He also believes current policies from the Federal Reserve and the federal government are making life for most Americans worse than it should be.

It was Catsimatidis I saw on a television program last spring urging Americans to buy early and avoid inflation.  He was talking about canned and dry goods, which can have long shelf lives.

I still shop for perishables and continue to look for sales.  I don’t need some items but still, like the taste of those goods.  The other day, I was able to buy two bottles of two-liter Dr Pepper for three dollars.  A fellow here at work has simply given up pop altogether as he tries putting food on his family’s table.

I’m not buying any cranberries this year, but when I saw a pie on sale a month ago, I bought it.  Now it's n my freezer.  A week later I saw store-brand whipped cream.  I bought it and put it in my home freezer.  We’re all paying a lot more attention when shopping.  You can watch Catsimatidis below.

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