The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has again issued its annual warning for those who own dogs and are planning to light off fireworks.

The one year my dog got free from a barricade I set up during a backyard fireworks celebration on the forth, she nearly took a family friend's leg off. My bulldog is getting ready for her ninth Independence Day Celebration, and she hasn't been happy with all the pre-celebrating that has been going on the past few days.

Over this past weekend, we had company visiting, and lit off a few fireworks in the backyard. I did what I do every year. I put my dog in the master bedroom, closed all the windows, turned a fan on high, left her water dish next to her and turned up the greatest radio station in town, KOOL 96.5 FM. Aside from light panting, Babs was just fine when I returned to check on her.

The Twin Falls Animal Shelter has again offered some tips on how to prevent your dog from completely losing its mind this Forth of July.


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