In my quest to find something truly horrifying for you all on this Friday the 13th, I came across this YouTube video of a menu item that has just been offered by a North Carolina restaurant.

It turns out it's exotic meat month at Bull City Burger & Brewery, in Durham, according to the restaurant's Twitter site.. The burger is served with an oven-baked tarantula, atop a beef patty, and your choice of condiments. The restaurant is calling it the "Tarantula Challenge."

After doing some research, it appears the lamb burger at the Basque Kitchen is about as exotic as Twin Falls gets, and you have to wait for the fair for that. Of course, I'm sure you could find an elk or bison burger somewhere within city limits offered as a special on occasion.

Would you take the tarantula challenge?

Eight Legged Freak
Hulton Archive, Getty Images

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