TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – Visitors along the Mogensen Trail may notice something unwelcome blocking the path.

What appears to be a landslide is blocking the trail partway along the path. Rick Novacek, director of the Twin Falls Parks and Waterways Department, said Monday that crews were working along the trail about a month ago and there wasn’t any blockage then. He said the county would check it out.

There might be a way for adventurous souls to maneuver the debris, but it’s a definite road block for others less inclined to tackle the apparent slide.

If followed to the end, the trail will take visitors under the Perrine Bridge and to the BASE jumpers’ flag. Access begins near the entrance to Centennial Waterfront Park in the Snake River Canyon.

The trail is a fitting memorial to its namesake, Frank W. Mogensen, who before his passing at age 70 worked as an Idaho State Police trooper and was known for his work with Twin Falls Boy Scouts. The trail is the result of some of that work. Mogensen died in 1994.

The trail starts wide and narrows farther into the canyon. Trail users should watch their step, as small ruts dot portions of the trail. The apparent landslide is probably a quarter-mile from the trail head, near a stream and before the trail’s stairway.

Some things visitors might see along the journey are a variety of plants and rock formations, small waterfalls and streams, as well as some other forms of nature such as butterflies and birds. Look down, because snakes have been known to slither here in the warmer months.

File photo by Andrew Weeks
File photo by Andrew Weeks

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