When it comes to living in Twin Falls, I honestly can't think of too much to complain about. I will say that I totally agree with one area resident who recently shared her opinion on area pet owners that seem to be contributing to the dirtying of several Twin Falls trails and recreation sites

The two most important things dog owners need to make sure they're doing when taking their animals out in public are to make sure they keep them and others around them safe, and also to pick up their dog's poop. Oblivious pet owners are the worst, and I come across them almost on a daily basis in Twin Falls.

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I can't tell you how often I see stray dogs running throughout my neighborhood and onto the lawns of those who live near me. One small stray enters my front yard every week and craps where it pleases. There are two parks that are within about a five to 10-minute walk, and I don't even bother walking on the grass due to the amount of crap I see.

One woman posted on the Magic Valley Rants & Raves page on Monday about the amount of dog poop she sees regularly when walking on Snake River Canyon trails. She stated she was "disgusted" by it, and brought up the fact that it takes just a moment to clean up after pets.

It's my opinion that people who love dogs but don't clean up after them, shouldn't own dogs at all. Not to mention, leaving dog feces all over trails our area children enjoy walking on with their families is just lazy and disrespectful.

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