Pizza is perhaps the most beloved food creation in the world. People take their pizza very seriously, and fans of one particular style seem to always have a bullseye on their back.

Some people think I'm crazy because I like pesto on my pizza. My favorite flavor combination of pizza is simply cheese, garlic, and some red pepper flakes. The one pizza topping that always seems to spark debate with people I know in Idaho is pineapple.

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Are Idahoans really annoyed by the fact that there are Americans out there that enjoy Hawaiian-style pizza? One website I recently came across identified this style of pizza as the third worst in North America. Hawaiian-style pizza didn't even come from Hawaii, but instead from Canada, according to

I actually have eaten pineapple on pizza many times in my life. It's not my least favorite. The pizza style I think people are crazy for ordering is chicken with white sauce. Now, that's gross. Any pizza made at Chuck E. Cheese is also pretty bad.

I know people that don't even consider fans of pineapple on pizza to be American, which is a bit extreme. In all my years living in Twin Falls, I don't believe I've ever ordered it while eating out. This is due in large part to the fact it's not a popular choice among my family. A Mountain Mike's family-sized pepperoni usually does the job when we go out.

As an Idahoan, do you believe Hawaiian-style pizzas to be Un-American?

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