Walmart is a fascinating place when it comes to American pop-culture.  As you know, there are web pages devoted to photographs of people shopping at the largest retail chain in the world.  You can chuckle at the customers still wearing their pajamas as they’re plying the aisles.  And I’ve been one of those guys.

I have some pajama bottoms that look a lot like sweat pants.  There were a few times during the overnight hours when I got out of bed and needed coffee or cereal.  Walmart is a short drive and in the days when I could drop in before sunrise I was often the only shopper in the store.  Maybe my picture is on one of those sites!

Look, you wouldn’t put a 49ers logo on Superman’s chest.
Picture by Bill Colley.
Picture by Bill Colley.

For me, the action is better in the parking lot.  I see some great art painted on cars, trucks and sometimes even buses.  A few years ago I came across a bus resembling the one from the old Partridge Family TV show.

My latest find was some impressive artwork on the hood of a Pontiac.  A friend joked it was impressive but was still on a Pontiac.  Decorating an old GT doesn’t bother me but why would you then mar your work with a Dallas Cowboys decal?  You’ve got a beautiful superhero on one side and then a logo from a football team that hasn’t won a big game since the first Clinton Administration.

Look, you wouldn’t put a 49ers logo on Superman’s chest.  First, he’d be angry and he’s tough as nails.  Two, he would honor his buddy, Thor.  And you know the loyalties of a Norse god.

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