Last year I went to Yellowstone with my family and it was awesome. I recommend you go if you can. I also recommend that you stay away from the wild animals. It may seem crazy that we are constantly told to stay away from bears and bison. These giant animals are wild and dangerous. But it seems that a few times each month we read about or see a video of someone getting too close to them.

A few years ago a little girl was thrown by a bison and an elderly woman was gored by a bison. People have been attacked by grizzly bears. I even saw a video of a woman standing a few feet away from a bear so she could pose for a picture and it almost ended tragically.

I had a first-hand experience with this when we were at Yellowstone. We were on a waterfall trail and came up on a grizzly bear a little ways below us. It only took a few moments of us backtracking on the trail for the bear to appear on the trail only a few yards away from us. Luckily that bear had better plans than to chase us. These beasts are fast and they aren't just living in Yellowstone.

The U.S. Forest Service shared information, and a warning, about bears in the Sawtooth Mountains around us in Idaho.

The Forest Service is requiring visitors to store food, garbage, and other bear attractants in bear-proof containers or hard-sided vehicles.

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