When I think about the wildlife in Yellowstone National Park, I can’t help but think about how dangerous they all are. It’s great seeing them from a distance, but if they get too close then it’s terrifying.

Yellowstone Animals Aren’t Always Scary

In reality, the big animals in Yellowstone can be adorable and hilarious. Check out these recent videos, posted to the Yellowstone National Park Facebook group, of a bison throwing a temper tantrum on a snowy road in the park. It’s almost surreal seeing these large animals act like children since most videos we see of them involve the destruction of cars or an epic battle. This bison just wanted to walk down the road but couldn’t get past the cars on the road.

Yellowstone Bison Temper Tantrum

I love that this giant beast is visibly upset that the road is blocked by a snowcoach and expresses that frustration by flopping on the ground like a fish. It is also hilarious that even though the road is blocked, the area around it is wide open for the bison to walk around.

In both videos, the bison jumps around like a rodeo bronco before flopping around on the ground. I’ve seen bears act silly like this in videos, but I couldn’t imagine a wolf being that playful around a bus full of people.

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This Could Have Ended Much Differently

While this video has the passengers on the bus laughing and enjoying the adorable moment, we know from another recent video that this exact situation could also end in a vehicle getting destroyed by the bison.

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