I've been aware that unbelievably devastating fires have been ravaging Australia for several weeks now, but I didn't realize the scope of the situation until Sunday night when my wife commented about what all the celebrities at the Golden Globes were saying. Yes, I get my world news from Nicole Kidman now.

Following a painful exit Sunday from the playoffs by my beloved Philadelphia Eagles at the hands of the Seahawks, my wife decided she wanted to pay me back for four hours of football by choosing to watch the Golden Globes on our living room television. As I sat there listening to all of the celebrities pleading with television viewers from across the planet to donate to the cause, I started reading the latest on the fires from my phone. Headlines like, "Half-Billion Animals Expected Dead," and "12 Million Acres Scorched," flooded my phone.

Here in the United States, a fire that burns over 100,000 acres is rightfully so considered catastrophic. Can you image 12 million and climbing? With close to 30 fatalities (at last count), hundreds of structures lost, and sadly, millions of animals expected dead, this fire is unlike any we've ever known of in our lifetime. I realized I had been paying more attention to Fantasy Football than the unthinkable loss of animal life currently taking place in Australia, and quite frankly, I felt bad about it.

If anyone wishes to contribute to the relief efforts currently being carried out in Australia, click here.

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