We hear a lot about the Yellowstone super-volcano. Thanks to a national website, we've just been reminded that our real danger lies to our north where a couple dozen little volcanoes are waiting to kill us.

Thank you, Only In Your State. We were sleeping pretty good at night not thinking about this. Thanks to them, the fact that Craters of the Moon is actually an ACTIVE volcano location is back to the top of our minds.

As they mentioned, when you see the cute little cinder cones at Craters, those are actually active volcanoes.

No offense to the national bloggers, but I decided to find some smarter people than them (meaning: anyone) in regards to what kind of real danger there is from Craters. That's why I was comforted to find the super-smart people at Oregon State have provided some great info on Craters of the Moon and the volcanoes there. They have some great information on the age of the volcanoes there and their past volcanic activity.

But, it's the one fact from the National Park Service website which is not exactly comforting. In regards to potential future eruptions from the volcanoes at Craters, they said this:

The volume of past eruptive events suggests that slightly over one cubic mile (4.2 cubic km.) of lava will be erupted during the next event.

So, you're telling me that a cubic mile of earth could be erupted over our heads? Thanks for that. That will be a fun fact to share with my therapist.

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