Break-ins aren’t unusual in Twin Falls County. This one sounds like an inside job.  A local man who lives south of Twin Falls came home from work yesterday to find his apartment door open.  The air conditioning was running, which he doesn’t use on his own.  The apartment is attached to a shop where there are millions of dollars of tools.  The tools were untouched.  His game system attached to the television was untouched.

An old shotgun and an old revolver, none of which had much value, were stolen.  As well as a lot of 9 mm ammunition.  Some other odd rounds were also snatched by the burglars.  Other ammunition was ignored.  The thieves used an angle grinder in attempt to break into a pair of gun safes but the effort failed.

The family dog gets agitated when strangers arrive but there was no evidence the animal was upset during the break-in.  When agitated, it often kicks chips and dirt into its water dish.  The dish was clean in the animal’s pen near the door.

Some odds and ends were stolen from a box and these had little monetary value.  Deputies found no prints and suggest the thieves knew what they were looking for and possibly had visited the apartment as guests or previously entered without taking anything.

One warning for anyone who may be offered a gun for sale.  Ask to photograph the seller’s driver’s license.  Also, most legitimate sales don’t take place in dark parking lots.

If someone is trying to sell you a gun and something doesn’t add up, you’re urged to call deputies, local police or state troopers.


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