This is a story that I never imagined I'd ever have to write in my wildest dreams. But, considering all of the insanity about clowns that is spreading around Idaho and the rest of the country, it has to be said. It is illegal to threaten a clown.

To be clear, I am as fed up as anyone when it comes to this ridiculous clown freak show that is being perpetrated across the country. But, you have to be careful what you say on social media about clowns. Many that threaten violence are in danger of having charges brought against them.

KTVB had a story about this very subject last night.

There's obviously a fine line here. Saying on Facebook that you're gonna hunt clowns is not a crime. But, if you pick up a gun and approach someone dressed up as a clown, that's a different story. The Criminal Defense Lawyer website has specifics on when your threat can get you in trouble. Here's a key part of what constitutes a threat that can get you in big-time trouble.

The threat must be capable of making the people who hear it feel as if they might be hurt, and conclude that the threat is credible, real, and imminent. If, for example, you threaten to blow up the world unless your bartender doesn't bring your drink to you immediately, no reasonable person hearing it would believe the threat was real. On the other hand, if you walk into a store with a gun and threaten to shoot the clerk unless she gives you a refund, such a threat is credible and specific.

At this point, I don't think there's anyone who thinks this creepy clown phenomenon is funny. That is especially true when many are associated with children and schools. But, it's important to be careful what you say.

How embarrassing would it be to go to jail for threatening a clown?

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