It's finally happened. The stories of creepy clown sightings that have plagued the southeast part of the country has now come to Idaho.

KXLY is reporting that the Shoshone County Sheriff's department is now investigating a report that someone in the area was dressed as a creepy clown. That's no big deal, but the fact that there were Facebook threats along with this report is another issue entirely.

The Times News also reported that a Jerome student received an ominous message about clowns this week. Reports of incidents in the Wendell area have also been passed along.

My personal take is that these sightings are spreading because the losers doing this are getting attention. But, there's a big difference between attention-seekers and those that make threats.

As with anything, if you see or hear anything unusual, let the authorities know about it. As we get closer to Halloween, you can expect that this sort of thing will increase.

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