Disney lied to us; bears and monkeys are not friends. Trigger warning/spoiler alert: This video ends very poorly for the monkey, if you get our meaning.

I have a couple of questions, after watching this video:

1)How would someone go about getting tickets to a bear vs. monkey bicycle race? Asking for a friend.

2)Why do none of the parents with small children in the front row seem at all concerned with the fact that their children are watching a bear tear a monkey to shreds, 3 feet in front of them?

3)Why do the children seem completely unfazed by what they are watching? Are they robot children?

4)Where would one acquire a robot child? I loved that show 'Small Wonder.' By loved, I mean it gave me terrible nightmares and a weird fear of microchips.

4)Why do we keep thinking it's an O.K. idea to bring bears to large public events?


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