When witnesses report seeing unidentified flying objects, they are described as taking on many shapes and sizes. In one of the more strange sightings, a north Idaho witness recently contacted one of the country's leading UFO research organizations over an odd-shaped craft seen shooting across the sky over a 7,000-foot mountain peak.

Idaho has now had a dozen reports of unidentified aerial phenomena since the start of 2024, according to new details released by the National UFO Reporting Center. The NUFORC is headquartered in Washington State and has been archiving and investigating such claims for decades.

Multiple reflective orbs were also reported by an area kayaker the following day, according to the NUFORC database.

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Scotchman Peak is located in northern Idaho and stands 7,009 feet tall. On April 23, a witness reached out to the NUFORC and filed a report regarding a sighting that occurred a few days prior.

The report describes a reddish-orange, shovel-shaped craft that the witness believes had an engine based on sounds the object made. The size of the object is reported to have been roughly 60 feet by 60 feet and traveled northward at a high rate of speed, leaving no exhaust trail behind.

Four people in total watched the UAP cut across the sky for approximately 10 seconds, according to the report. Multiple reflective orbs were also reported by an area kayaker the following day, according to the NUFORC database. There were three reported incidents across the Gem State during the month of March.

Scotchman Peak is located roughly 75 miles northeast of Coeur d'Alene. The first report of a UAP in Idaho this year took place near Eagle on New Year's Day.

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