One of the most popular U.S. home goods chain stores has apparently been included on a list of businesses that are planning to close a large number of stores nationally before the end of 2020.

According to several sources, one of which being a September 2019 story at, Bed, Bath & Beyond has joined several other businesses on a national list of planned store closures by 2020 years end. More than 1,000 stores are currently operating in the United States, with eight of them open presently in the state of Idaho.

Twin Falls has a location at 1933 Fillmore Street. The company is in the process of planning or executing more than 40 store closures in the coming months, according to another report by a Washington, D.C., CBS affiliate.

I thought I'd reach out directly to management at the Twin Falls location to see if there is any cause for concern here in the Magic Valley. I spoke to a store manager named Sherri, who responded to the news.

"The closures do not apply to our store," she said. "Unless our region is directly affected, we don't hear about it."

Sherri then gave me the contact information for a Jessica Joyce, a public relations person for the company. I left messages, both text and voice, and as of right now, haven't received a response.

Other stores that were included on the 2019-2020 closures list include Kmart, Payless Shoes and JC Penny. GameStop, Dress Barn and Walgreens were also mentioned as chains expected to close several locations in the next few months.


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