How is your new year's resolution going for 2020? With nearly 40 days behind us in the new year it is safe to say that most people have either bailed on their goals or modified them to be more realistic. A recent report said that most people will have quit their resolution by February 1st. If you are still going strong, congrats on being in the minority we all envy. I have yet to set a goal for the new year, which is fine because it doesn't matter when you set your goal. What matters is that you set a goal that is important to you and is actually possible.

Maybe this year I'll set a goal and learn to ride the unicycle my wife got me for Christmas. Or I could be more practical and set the goal to actually fix the small leak in my roof that has been dripping for 10 years. Did you make a resolution this year to better yourself or to better those around you?

Whatever you decided to do this year, a beer company wants to help you make that goal a reality. I ran across this contest on the Thrillest website and it is actually a really cool and easy submission process. Heck, maybe you just make your goal to enter the contest and then work up to bigger aspirations later. Goose Island is running the contest to find someone with a worthy resolution and they'll pay them $9,800 to help motivate them to keep going. All you need to do is tell them what you'll do with the money and then wait and see if they pick you. Submissions must be in by February 8, 2020.

For me the money would probably go towards medical bills if I actually decide to learn to ride the unicycle.

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