Here we are, just barely into the new year of 2023 and already people are offering their opinions on how your life can improve significantly over the next 360 days and change. The word, "resolution," gets thrown around a lot in January, and only a very few will choose to put in the work it takes to make dramatic improvements in their lives.

This year might actually be the first in many that I've set some real, attainable goals I'd like to meet head-on in 2023. Some of the most popular January goals include improving one's diet, saving money, slashing debt, and maybe moving on to a new career.

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How about trying something new and following through with an act that requires no trips to the gym, no substitution of veggie pattie for beef, and not taking scissors to that credit card that's still smoking from the holidays?

Forgiveness isn't something that comes easy for most human beings, whether it's following through on the act regarding a family member, a friend, or even yourself. Personally, I have found it very difficult to forgive others. It's so much easier to just blacklist a person and move on with your life; starve the cancer if you will. Am I right in doing this? The answer is probably, no.

I recently came across a story published on that listed forgiveness among the top acts that are easy enough to do, and yet so hard at the same time for some. I do believe that there are certain things that humans just can't forgive other humans for.

I'm always in awe when a human being stands up in a courtroom and forgives--in front of all to hear--a stranger who's been found guilty of murdering one of their kin. I say to myself, hell no, and taking full advantage of an opportunity to exact revenge is where my mind goes. In my opinion, nothing else a person can do to another even comes close in the forgiveness realm, so maybe we should finally begin to triage those acts that we deemed so profoundly hurtful to us.

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