St. Luke's Wood River Foundation is planning on expanding and funding a medical center to help those in Blaine County who are not insured or underinsured. According to the news release, over 700 Blaine County patients traveled to Family Health Services Clinics in Jerome or Fairfield.

This project will make Family Health Services available in Blaine County providing medical, dental and behavioral health options. St. Luke's Wood River Foundation provided a $1 million dollar grant to make it possible.

Family Health Services in Blaine County will work to hire two full time nurse practitioners, one full time dentist, a part time hygienist, one full time licensed clinical worker counselor, one full time pharmacist and bilingual support staff. They have leased a building that is 4,126 square foot in Bellevue that will need a remodel and equipment.

According to the news release, all services for the uninsured will be significantly discounted based on the patients Federal Poverty Level. Family Health Services will also accept Medicaid patients, especially those needing dental and behavioral health care because many Blaine County providers do not accept Medicaid.

According to the news release, normally these types of clinics get government funding, but the median income in Blaine County is too high so the area does not qualify for government funding.

The clinic is slated to open in the fall of this year.

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