HAILEY, Idaho (KLIX)-Idaho conservation officers had to deal with a number of tangled or trapped elk in the Wood River Valley last week. According to the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, officers received three reports of elk either entangled by various items and one report of an elk that fell into a window well in just two days. Beginning on January 7, conservation officers got a call about a cow elk that had a disk around its neck. The animal was found with a large herd elk making it difficult for officers to get to it and remove the object; the elk will be monitored in the next few weeks. Another call reported a bull elk that had bailing twine wrapped around its antlers, which was left alone as they'll fall off eventually. Another bull elk got caught in a horse halter and lead rope. The elk was shot with a dart so officers could safely remove the items. The lasts call involved a cow elk that fell into a window well and couldn't get out on her own. After several hours of work by conservation officers and the homeowner, the animal was removed safely. In past years elk have gotten caught in various items around residential areas, including swing sets. One year an elk fell into the basement of a home in the Wood River Valley.

Idaho Department of Fish and Game
Idaho Department of Fish and Game
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Tangled Elk

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