It looks like the Geek Squad has come across a problem it can’t solve.

Best Buy has announced it plans to lay off of nearly 650 employees in its Geek Squad division.

This new comes just four months after the company announced its plans to close 50 stores nationwide.

Specifically, the layoffs will include Geek Squad positions that offer in-home service for appliances and televisions according to company officials.

“They are receiving severance packages and job placement assistance,” reads a statement from the Best Buy News Center.

However, Best Buy claims that it does not plan to do away with home service altogether, but rather restructure it as a means for better serving the customer.

“We know that clients will always need us to come to their homes, and increasingly their needs are more complex. That’s why we’re evolving in-home support for a more specific customer segment,” the statement added.

Best Buy employees unable to find another position with the company will be officially laid off as of August 1.


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