Montana has been getting all the earthquake attention lately with the swarm that has hit the area around Lincoln, Montana. Not to be left out, Idaho had its own quakes this week. But, I bet you didn't feel them even though several weren't far from the Magic Valley.

On July 9, there was an earthquake south of Challis. It registered a massive 2.4 on the Richter scale. Hope your fine china was not damaged. Yes, very much sarcasm here.

But, that's not all. There was also a 1.4 near the Utah/Idaho border. That is technically a "micro-quake" according to the University of Utah. Take heart, Idaho. We will rebuild.

If you're a Napoleon Dynamite fan, you'll love this. Remember those mountains that Uncle Rico claimed he could throw a football over near Preston, Idaho? There were 2 earthquakes in those mountains this week. One was a 1.72 and the other was followed by a 1.9! If coach would have just let me play the second half, we'd be state champions. But, I digress.

I will admit that all of this is completely normal Idaho stuff. We have little earthquakes here all the time. But, I hate to see Montana get so much attention from the USGS. It just ain't right.

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