Oh, Internet, what shall we do with you? There are multiple weirdos people on YouTube claiming the earthquakes we've had in Idaho are being caused by the Russians. (*sigh*)

I knew this was gonna be a special experience when it started with "Greetings, citizens of the world" in a robotic voice. Yikes.

I'll try to save you some time and Cliff Notes this. In short, this (*ahem*) person thinks that the Russians (Putin) are using a weather weapon to target Idaho for earthquakes. Yes, I just said weather weapon. Why are they doing this (allegedly)? Because the US invaded Russia. Kinda. Our FBI guys may or may not have gone into the Russian embassy a few weeks ago, according to CNN.

The video goes on to claim the Russian earthquake weapon could destroy the Earth in 15 minutes. If that stops the next Justin Bieber album, I'm fine with it.

What are the Russians allegedly targeting in Idaho? I couldn't fully understand the mad robot voice, but it's a lab near Soda Springs, Idaho. The conspiracy claims that the Russians want to cause the Yellowstone super-volcano to erupt and kill 120 million of us.

That's pretty much the nuts and bolts of this theory with an emphasis on the nuts.

Some tips for future conspiracy videos about Idaho.

  • Use your real dorky voice and not a robot. You'll have more credibility or maybe not.
  • Provide links to prove the documentation of what you're talking about. We still won't believe you, but at least we'll have other stuff to look at.
  • Move out of your mother's basement. Girls will like you more. I promise.

We have some serious issues in the world and that includes legitimate concerns about the strength and frequency of the earthquakes in Idaho. Dorky robot voice conspiracy theories are not helping anything.

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