There is a lot that goes into moving to a new state. You first have to find a home, then get to know your new coworkers, learn your new job, and those are just the big things. The little things begin to pile up as well like finding a place to eat, learning where things are, and of course learning the rules and laws of the new town you are in. It is easy for things to slip through the crack and one thing might be to change your driver's license and license plate. 

You don't have long to change your plates

I hadn't put much thought into changing my license or my plates until I was stopped by a cop for speeding last week. My ID doesn't expire for a couple of years, but during the stop, the cop informed me I had 90 days to change my license, as well as my plates too. As weird as it sounds, I am glad I got pulled over now. I wouldn't have changed either in that time frame, have I not been notified by the officer. 

You will need to change your plates even if an Idaho resident

If you have lived in Idaho for a while, by state law, you do have to change your existing plates every ten years. A law passed in 2020 gives residents an extra 3 years to do so. It is affordable at the cheap cost of just $7.50 per plate. By changing the law last year, the state of Idaho will save the production of almost 300,000 plates a year. 

Don't wait to change your plates

Before heading to the DMV, make sure you have your current out-of-state ID, passport, or birth certificate as you will need it to get your new Idaho ID. The only exceptions to the 90-day rule are college students and members of the military. If you get pulled over after 90 days, the fine can be up to as much as $150. 

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If you have recently moved to the state, do not hesitate or procrastinate any longer. Get to the DMV and get Idaho plates and update your license. You moved here, so show off your Idaho pride on your car and avoid the penalty. 

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