I love Idaho. I really do, but that doesn't mean I think Idaho is perfect. Just like I love my kids, and heaven knows they aren't perfect. They definitely have their oddities and flaws just like our great state. But despite the things we find strange, you can't deny the appeal of Idaho.

These Are Some Weird Laws Unique To Idaho

We have written about odd Idaho laws a few times over the last few years, and we always seem to be able to dig up more strange Idaho laws that we didn't know about. Some of these odd laws are specific to certain regions of Idaho and others are statewide, but they are all weird.

7 Weird Idaho Laws

Idaho is awesome...but that doesn't mean it's perfect. These 7 weird and outdated laws prove that.

Weird Laws In Idaho

This new list of weird Idaho laws is inspired by a new YouTube video from Mr. Idaho. His strange laws list includes tree spiking, no hog fences, humans in dog kennels, elderly motorcycle riders, proper gift candy amounts, cannibalism, and fishing from camels.

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The laws themselves are weird, but maybe even more weird is that there has to be a reason these were made into laws. The tree spiking law and the cannibalism law I can understand, but why did they feel it necessary to tell people not to fish while riding a camel or that the amount of candy you give to your girlfriend merits a legislative intervention?

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Strange Idaho Laws

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