In case you didn't know, today is National Fun At Work Day. The Blaine County Sheriff shared their boys having some fun to celebrate and it is so cool.

I have always had a fascination with K9 officers and their partners. They get to take their best friends to work every day and the furry officers get to do some amazing work. And what they do is incredible.

Meet Officer Eric and Officer Kimber. The Blaine County Sheriff's shared these two practicing, training and overall looking like they are having a great time. The pup is getting some work in and obviously enjoying himself.

This doggo is so nimble and the officer looks like he is having a great time picking him up and helping the K9 do a little bit of flying. Could you imagine if the dog missed the toy though? Talk about a serious ouch!

I love sharing things like this that law enforcement does to not only do some training but have a little bit of fun too. I am going to assume the dog here is Kimber, and just for the record I would totally love to pet and give belly rubs to Kimber.

We here at the office are celebrating fun at work day with games and doing absolutely nothing productive. These officers are definitely much better at celebrating than we are.

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